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For physicians, we have full and part-time positions available and a very generous benefits/compensation package. 

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We are always looking forward to adding more physicians and providers to the team. Click on this link to be connected to our president's email directly. 

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We are trying to simplify physicians' access to our Angels Providers.  This is an experimental model (currently in Beta testing) where you can at this point only page doctor Eneyni.  Please note that doctor Eneyni may not be on-call for your hospital today since Angels often has three people on call at the same time covering different locations.  You can still call the answering service at (781) 871-3773  to page the proper provider on call

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Angels Neurological has many sub-specialty clinics and diagnostic services that offer variety and excellence to all employees. As Angels is constantly growing and continuing to develop our staff, we may be just what you are looking for.