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Somerset Reviews

Here is what our Somerset Patients have to say!

“Got the answers I was looking for. I suspected results, but wasn't sure. Was told physical therapy may help. Will get into that.”

“Front desk staff is always pleasant and helpful. My doctor is incredibly compassionate. I really appreciate the way he listens, discusses my illness and treatments with consideration. He is open to questions and while my appointments don't last long, I never feel rushed.”

“After a terrible fall on black ice resulting in a concussion with incontrollable headaches and short term memory lost I was referred to Angels and a doctor who was able to help me. Thanks to my doctor I can now tolerate the headaches.”

“I have been with Angeles Neurological since 2010. Every time I go to my appointment I feel like home, great group of professionals. I really appreciate the hard job they do from follow up, booking appointments, updating online or message. Thanks a lot for all of you in all the branches.”

“I've always had good experiences there and they've helped me a lot.”

“My doctor has been an enormous help in diagnosing my brain injury after a fall on black ice and prescribing medication to help with the daily headaches resulting from the TBI.”