“Appreciate the compassion for the patient and the caregiver and the clear response to questions."


Taunton Reviews

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“Very courteous, patience, and clean place."


“It was good the wait time after check in has gotten better."


“Everything is told to me in language I can understand and if I need more information about anything it's explained."


“Pleased with experience at Angels Neurological Center in Taunton. The Doctor was thorough and compassionate; and staff members were efficient and pleasant."


“Was a very quick visit. I had an EMG Performed for the first time. Went without a hitch but, I would have liked the doctor to have explained the test to me a little before he started doing it."


The best patient care I have ever experienced."


“Great friendly staff, courteous and helpful. And only constructive comment I'd have is to have some sort of signage a block from entrance, as it's a busy street and location comes upon you quickly before you have a chance to prepare for the turn off."


“Excellent care! Very happy with Angel's neurology. They have really listened to my concerns and put in for a clinical sleep study since my insurance didn't want to approve it at first."


“Very friendly professional staff. Straightforward session with Dr. Very helpful trearment."


Patient Reviews

​Check out what our patients 
have to say!